Morning All!

Brighton Pier (PIER)

Full Year Results For The 52 Weeks To 25 June 2017 – Revenue up 389% and PBT up 278% (£3.5m) – On a PER of 13.6 with major upgrades to all facilities in progress, looks decent value here.

Helios Underwriting (HUW)

Interim Results For The 6 Months Ended June 2017 – Ouch! Profit 365 Agile (LON:365),000 (30 June 2016 -  £821,000), EPS reduced to 2.03p (30 June 2016 restated - 8.44p). Would be wary of getting in here at present.

Iomart (IOM)

Pre-Close Trading Update For The 6 Months Ended September 2017 – An encouraging In-line with management expectations update which also states “(we are) firmly on track to deliver another year of material growth”. Also intending to introduce an interim Dividend.

OPG Power Ventures (OPG)

Final Results For The Year Ended March 2017 – I really liked this company, in fact I was a holder at 60p but got out around 50p. When I say liked - I mean I really, really, really liked this company, I thought it was a solid investment, the fundamentals were great - BUT RULES ARE RULES, I was down almost 20% and the market was clearly not agreeing with me.  I took a decent hair cut on this one but it could well have been a lot closer!  Don’t ever fall in love with a share!!!! However, again, these results seem pretty good and means the fundamentals here still seem to stack up. I am not really once bitten, twice shy here, more like once bitten don’t understand why.

Richoux (RIC)

Results For The 28 Weeks Ended 9 July 2017 – Revenue down 20.2% to £5.65m, Loss doubled to £1.12m, Cash of £4.73m vs £3.86 at the beginning of the year. I don’t know if these figures are better or worse than expected but it doesn’t seem like any kind of turnaround has occurred here yet.

Sigma Capital (SGM)

Interim Results For The 6 Months Ended June 2017 – This is a strange one for me. Revenue down to £1.8m (2016: £2.8m), Profit before tax of £1.01m (2016: £1.22m) and EPS of 1.14p (2016: 1.38p) but…

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