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Adept Telecom (ADT)

AGM Statement Commenting On The 6 Months Ended September 2017 – A little strange this one as it focuses on being able to support a 13.3% increase in the interim Dividend. No mention of being in-line though (Revenue/Profit wise). So, although the increased Dividend may be taken well, the fact “in-line” (Revenue/Profit) is not mentioned – May not be taken so well. I quite like this company but am a little suspicious here!

Avacta (AVCT)

Preliminary Results For The Year Ended July 2017 Revenue up and Losses too! Cash down from £19.52m to £13.17m (well ahead of market expectations). Aim listed Biotech that has never made a profit nor is it forecast to do so – This simply doesn’t constitute a case for investment for me.

Ceres Power Holdings (CWR)

Final Results For The Year Ended June 2017 Revenue up 140% ahead of expectations. EBITDA loss £10.3m versus £11.5m LFL and the Order book is up from £1.7m to £3.2m.  This is probably good news for those believing this company can one day make a Profit. Having never made a profit or even forecast to make one – Not yet an investment case for me.

Future (FUTR)

Full Year Trading Update For The Year Ended September 2017 – Due to strong Revenue growth this is an “ahead of expectations” update - “The three acquisitions we have made during this financial year have further strengthened and diversified our revenue streams, as we continue to build a global platform for specialist media with data at its heart”.  This should see the company announce its first Profit since 2013 this year – On a PER of 15.5 and up 200% in the past 12 months I wonder how much of this is already in the price!

Gooch & Housego (GHH)

Full Year Trading Update For The Year Ended September 2017 – In-line with a record year end order book of £72.2 million, up 36.7% compared with the same time last year - Excluding the impact of foreign exchange and acquisitions this is an increase of 29.2% on the starting order book last year. Seems like a good news update and seems to justify the current PER of 25.7.


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