Morning all!

First off all, I have posted my Monthly Recap for June here - Covering all my purchases and sales in the month of May.

Secondly, I have posted my Parity PEG Price Reports for June here (free sign up required to access) - Covering 20 stocks updated in the month of May.

Onto this morning...

Somero ( Somero Enterprises Inc (LON:SOM) ) – 355p – £200m – PER 11.1

Trading Update For The 5 Months To End May 2019 – Trading below management expectations (adverse weather conditions) – Expects Revenue of about $87m, EBITDA of about $28m with Net Cash at 31 December 2019 of about $18m.

Not sure how much of a miss this is but it looks like about 15% or so on the Revenue side. Quality company but I considered it overvalued previously so looks like I will be sitting on the side-lines for a bit longer now. Or this may present a buying opportunity – Perhaps! 

As always, all comment most welcome!

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