Immunodiagnostic Systems (LON:IDH), the company that makes diagnostic testing kits for the clinical and research markets, has received clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for two new automated assays to be sold in the US. The new product additions complement IDS’s existing automated products offered on its IDS-iSYS system in the US, which is the company’s fastest growing market. The news comes as IDS reported a 35 percent rise in sales to £50.2 million in the 12 months to the end of March, with pre-tax profits up 51 percent to £16.6 million. Sales in the first quarter of the new financial year have grown to £14.5 million from £11.5 million previously while sales and placements of the IDS-iSYS have more than doubled year-on-year.

IDS operates in the in-vitro diagnostics where it designs, manufactures and sells immunoassay kits. These are used to measure or detect particular substances within a sample, thus aiding the diagnosis or monitoring of a disease or providing information for research studies. In March 2009 the company launched the IDS-iSYS, which is an automated version of the company’s manual Vitamin D testing kit. In today’s figures, the company reported that revenues from IDS-iSYS had increased from 7.3 percent to 20.6 percent of overall group revenue while the turnover contribution from the manual Vitamin D slipped from 59.2 percent to 55.5 percent.

Elsewhere in the results, gross profit was up 36 percent to £37.5 million, EBITDA was up 40 percent to £21.0 million, diluted earnings per share was up 54 percent to 44.6p and the dividend was increased by 25 per cent to 2.5p.

Under the terms of the latest approvals from the FDA, IDS has secured clearance for the IGFBP-3 and CTX-I controls, enabling the related automated assays to be sold in the US. This FDA clearance brings the total number of automated assays in the IDS-iSYS product range that can be sold in the US to five. The IDS-iSYS product range that can be sold outside the US currently consists of nine products.

The IGFBP-3 kit completes the IDS-iSYS Growth Panel within the US. Measurement of IGFBP-3, when used alongside the results obtained using IDS-iSYS hGH and IGF-I assays, is useful in the diagnosis of growth hormone-related disorders and the monitoring of treatment. CTX-I is a biomarker of bone…

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