Kicking the Dog when it’s down: Carillion
Toda'ys News brings what I’ve always been afraid of; a take-over of a company that I have shares in when the share price is right at the bottom. No doubt speculators are banking plenty or had made some constructive plans. There was no way I could get into recovery mode myself, it was too far gone so I’m expecting a big hit, aaargh! I need 100p / share to break even, what I need is some counter-bids for the company but I’m not optimistic. At least it is possible to make a large disposal or two and set the loss against Capital Gains.
Now, can I expect the same to happen to Interserve? Or even my Laura Ashley, Provident Financial, Centrica or First Group? The trouble is, money is so cheap to borrow and buy companies out with.
Too late, having only recently subscribed to Stockopedia, I’ve learned so much from Ed’s Webinars that it is quite embarrassing to look back at my past self-enrichment endeavours.

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