I'm doing some long overdue estate planning which is complicated by being a UK citizen but resident in Belgium for inheritance tax purposes and with a portfolio of LSE listed investments held with Barclays Stockbrokers, a portfolio of EU, including LSE investments, held with a broker in Belgium plus some US stock held in the US and some funds in Luxemburg. I have just about got to grips with Belgian succession and IT, which was difficult enough, but now realize there are a lot of double taxation icebergs that should perhaps be influencing how I invest. So for US stocks it seems inheritance tax is applied on anything over $60k for a non-resident. For the UK, anything over 325k, but only on UK registered shares, not OEICS and authorized unit trusts or say ETFs registered in Ireland even if sold on the LSE. Does anyone have a good source of information for other countries? I guess even for a UK resident, this will be relevant if investing in foreign stocks/shares and concerned about inheritance tax issues. Thanks. (Sorry if this is under the wrong topic.....)

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