Innovaderama (IDP) has had a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde performance since listing on the LSE in September 2016 at 70p a share. It had a rapid rise with a high of just over £4 in July 2017.

There were various reasons for this spike. Some to do with a great business performance, others by news releases being hyped up by investors. Below are some of the key announcements that led to this rise.

  • 10th October 2016: Trading statement announces an 800% rise in turnover and an expected maiden profit.
  • 24th October 2016: Announcement production would be moved to UK and would contribute to a positive financial performance.
  • 31St October 2016: Announced the launch of Skinny tan in the USA market with various “initially small” retail deals and the appointment of a USA based Executive Vice President.
  • 31st October 2016: As well as the USA announcement IDP also released its results, conforming profits of AUD0.47million
  • 14th December 2016: Placing of shares at 110p to raise £800,000 as strong demand for Skinny Tan means they need to increase production
  • 16th January 2017: Trading statement shows 80% increase in first half turnover.
  • 30th January 2017: Kieran Callan appointed as non-executive Director.
  • 27th February 2017: Acquisition of Stevie K and Charles and Lee Brands for AUD50,000
  • 3rd April 2017: Trading statement reports strong trading and signing of deals with Feelunique and Lookfantastic for Skinny Tan. Launch of Skinny Tan Professional range. Announced Charles and Lee would launch on its Direct to Consumer (DTC) platform in Australia in April and roll out the products internationally towards the end of this year and next. Announced Stevie K product range has been extended and would launch on DTC in July 2017 in UK and Australia and other international markets in the following quarter.
  • 2nd of May 2017: Acquisition of Prolong the only FDA approved device to help men with premature ejaculation issues.
  • 3rd of May 2017: Announced ASOS as a new etailer confirmed April was its highest grossing month ever.
  • 22nd of May 2017: Announced launch of new haircare brand to aid hair regrowth (we now know it as Roots Double Effect (Roots)) in 400 Superdrug stores. Launch of Body Glow skincare range in 500 Superdrug stores.
  • 1st of June 2017: Confirmed a deal with Boots in Ireland for Skinny Tan. This was seen as good news as it opens the door to…

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