Posting this here to seek second opinion on the latest news for Brandshield Systems (LON:BRSD) and see if there are other early stage tech investors who want to take a look at £BRSD.

They have announced  an offer to Acquire Business, Assets and Name of WeShop by Boanerges Limited. According to the announcement by Boanerges the offer values WeShop at £25,000,000. Brandshield Systems (LON:BRSD) own circa 10% of WeShop.

If I have understood the detail correctly then this will give a cash injection to Brandshield Systems (LON:BRSD) of £2,500,000.

I watched Brandshield Systems (LON:BRSD) presentation on 11th Oct. They claims they can seek out and shut down a high percentage (90+%) of fake web sites thus protecting brands and their potential customers from fraud. Its a rapidly expanding area of cyber security.

They are acquiring quality customers at an impressive rate and already have a few well known names such a B&O, Levi's, etoro.

The share price has been in steady decline as they burn through their cash. Presumably investors expect another fundraise. However a new bank arrangement and this cash injection may change the picture?

Only for those who like to speculate on early stage tech.

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