Prompted by some recent discussions on the SCVR board, I’ve initiated a discussion thread here to bring together thoughts and ideas, positive or negative, about things Investment Trust related. At risk of upsetting the purists, can I suggest we add REITs (real estate ITs) and appropriate ETFs to the list on the grounds that they share many of the DNA of ITs (collective investment pools of shares (or derivatives thereof) evidenced by shares freely traded on a relevant exchange).

Feel free to post about specific ITs, the sector in general or shared resources (preferably freely accessible) that might be useful for other users. It’s not a sector that is particularly well covered by Stocko (hopefully at the moment and will improve in due course) so an initial plug is to provide a link to the AIC site that is very good for those ITs that are members of the Association and reasonably good for the others that aren’t.

If anyone has either created or found useful an article, comment or discussion in the past tag it on below.


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