Prior to all of the hype, there is another name for it but I can't remember what it is, perhaps you know. Prior to all the hype I held IQE for about three months,. I liked what the company was doing and it seemed like a fair bet as they say. I tucked away 35% and shortly afterwards the share erupted. I am sure it didn’t start on this site but it was helped along by a number of eager investors including our very own Paul Scott. I made a couple of postings, negative of course, so that would be sour grapes for exiting too soon. The share was going to make a killing for all concerned and climbed to 181pence. Then the much-praised iPhone X on which much of the hype was based didn’t seem to match up to the pre publicity. The accounts of IQE didn’t seem to change a lot from previous years, a ton of money was injected into the company at what appeared to be an advantageous share price to gear up for the future production which it was suggested would come on the back of iPhone X and some very well thought out postings from well respected participants filled the pages of one of the most comprehensive blogs ever seen.

Someone bought at 181pence, lots of people made short term gains as much as 200% plus. But someone is losing 80 pence a share as I write, that will be 44%, not a lot at the moment, but if it does go back to 60 pence, it will be. This is a share that many bought in the name of Minervini, when in reality he would have been out a long time ago. Both Minervini and our illustrious Ed Croft have stated that when a share collapses it may be time to leave, perhaps the market knows more than we do. Minervini also says that “you should never fall in love with a share” he also says never lose a profit and cut your losses.

Perhaps IQE will one day be a great share but seriously should you really be buying it now with so many signs or would you rather wait until someone says you should have known better -- but that will be long after they benefitted from the hype and hardly whispered when they sold..

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