I'm on the 14 day trial and like most of the site but am I right in thinking that you can't back-test anything?

I realise the 'since inception' growth rates are shown against the common screeners, but if you can't see how that performance was actually made it doesn't help very much.

I was hoping to be able to see which stocks are chosen from any custom or popular screener applied to the past. That ability would be very powerful as you could actually look further on in time and analyse the individual stocks that made up a screener's performance.

Q. "What were the actual winners in that screener's performance?"

I think the best and most versatile way to do this would be if you could choose a 'Site Date' from the past and you would then be presented with the Stockopedia site EXACTLY as it was on that day with all the same screener functionality etc.

If daily data has been kept or can be sourced then it should be relatively easy to implement too shouldn't it?

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