I have recently received a bit of spare cash that I would like to invest in shares. However, I am put off by the uncertainties caused by Brexit and Donald Trump and what seems to be a looming bear market. I have decided to wait and see what happens. I am filling in the time trying create an investment plan using the data and ideas available in Stockopedia. I have targets, possibly unrealistic, of creating an income stream of between 3%-5% net and growth of about 20%-25% pa. by investing on the UK, USA and European markets, using Ben Graham's deep value formula to identify appropriate stocks.

I already have a bit of experience in investing but my success has been mixed to say the least. Probably because I have never really had a proper strategy. I am now trying to correct that.

I just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on what I am planning and to what extent others share my concerns about investing just now.

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