Following on from a couple of other posts regarding US brokers.

I trade with tight stops and so even a 1% forex fee (typical for ISA international trades) each way adds up to substantially affect my position size when limiting my risk per trade.

Finding it very difficult/ next to impossible to find a broker who doesn't charge forex, holds in ISA etc... In fact the only one I have found is HSBC investdirect plus but by all accounts their web interface is stuck in the late 90's and questions about reliability of service. So reluctant to go with them.

The obvious alternative is go with interactive brokers or Schwab and hold in USD account. However the discussion over income tax vs capital gains, changes to tax law in future etc make me REALLY want to keep my folio in ISA as it currently is all ISA.

Would be interested to hear what majority of people do and if tax outside an ISA is as big of a headache as it sounds! ( I would be paying cap gains tax as rotate my folio often and gains exceed threshold).

Also if anyone has experience of HSBC investdirect plus?


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