Just noticed this rns about Goldman holding tad over 20% of voting rights through cfd's https://www.investegate.co.uk/itv-plc/itv/holding-s--in-company/202005061400031505M/?fe=1&utm_source=FE%20Investegate%20Alerts&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=Announcement%20Alert%20Mail&utm_campaign=ITV%20PLC%20Alert

They don't however appear on the top ten holders list on the stock report so just trying to get my head round how they can control 20% of the voting rights but only physically hold 0.11% of the company.

What is the benefit of them going this route other than buying the physical stock I'm guessing they don't have to put up as much money to buy cfd's as the contract only has a limited life period but I'm no expert in this area.

Any light shedding and logic would be appreciated.



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