So, today the founder of Superdry, Julian Dunkerton was elected by a narrow margin as a director, winning just over half of the votes cast.

I'm wondering what other Stockopedia users think about this? How might Dunkertons appointment help the share price? Stockopedia gives Superdry a good rank for Quality and Value. The two most important factors (in my opinion). Didn't rank well for momentum but then it wouldn't because the price has fallen significantly over the past year and has been moving sideways for several months.

The board had unanimously declared its opposition to Dunkerton, and have publicly stated they will all resign. Well, lets see if that happens now he's in.

At 11.38 today (2/4/19) the price was up almost 3% on the day at 576p. By 2pm it was down 8.5% to 506p. Initially when the announcement was made the price reacted positively, then it went down. Then it went up to 525. Then down to 513. At 2.58pm L2 showing 285k buys v 164k sells, but by vol is higher than sell vol.

Dunkerton has the backing of some large institutions, but is not popular with everyone. Some posters on other forums seem to mostly think this is positive. Superdry isn't shorted much so no reason for downward pressure.

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