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So first off, thanks to all who have commented on my second main piece, on £GDR.

However, as it’s obviously not that well received by the community here, thanks also to ricardow and LongGame87 for opening up the discussion on Junior mining companies with their articles on Jubilee Metals (LON:JLP) & £AMC.

The pandemic, amongst many other things, has thrown a spotlight upon the need for countries to have and maintain secure supply chains for essential goods, services, and resources. I think it is therefore a natural progression/assumption, that for resource companies in particular, geographical location of their asset(s) is now more critical than ever as to the inherent, perceived and potential value locked up in the ground.

Current trends would make the PGM group of metals to be an obvious choice and I do not deny I am currently significantly overweight there on the back of a good year for the sector.

However, the point of this article is not specifically PGM’s but to highlight a significant new mining territory, rich in many desirable resources that is both untapped and well located in a geographical sense; that is, close to the USA – demand, close to Canada – mining infrastructure, with Arctic shipping lanes available throughout the year now, due to polar melting (points re. climate change are for another thread please, this article is about potential to make money in the markets).

Ilmenite appears to be the first ore that is going to make it commercial supply from Greenland. This is the starting point for Titanium. Currently, the majority of world supply comes from China, Australia & India. Whilst recent trends would show aircraft as the main consumer of titanium supply, in recent times, increased activity in the area of space travel/exploration (Space X) has probably offset any drop in demand from aviation. The EV market is also likely to drive use of titanium in the auto industry as one of the issues there is heavy batteries, so it makes sense to replace steel with titanium where possible, particularly in the high end markets I’d have thought. The advantages of using titanium over steel in general construction are many from a materials science perspective, so if supply increases, I’d expect…

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