Kaz Minerals (LON:KAZ) has recently halved in Value.

It seems to be due mainly to the fact the the company has bought a new project to develop.

It also seems the market didn't want them to continue to develop the business for the future as it would hit financial performance in the near/mid term. Also they have bought the new prospect with cash and shares from, amongst others, Mr Abramovich, which means he is now a major share holder which may have had an influence.

OK, so I'm oversimplifying. But as I don't have any political edge or constraints in my investment decisions I can buy simply because I think the share price will be higher in the future compared to now (or higher gain than the market average I suppose, to be more exact).

Over that last couple of years, Kaz has seen a good performance and it now seems very under priced despite, or maybe because of, the complicated ownership situation and the investment required to develop the new prospect.

Regarding the second point, surely that is what Kaz does and has been shown to do successfully over time.

I feel the drop may be overdone and the share price will soon revert back to fair value.

Anyone got more background or current info on Kaz Minerals (LON:KAZ).

I have just bought (a small position on Friday)

Edit 1:  I topped up at lunchtime today (but with a stop in place).

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