Long time users of Stockopedia will wake up this morning with wide eyes at a new design and a whole ream of new features. The core functionality of the old site has been totally preserved but we've added a premium feature set on designed to help subscribers make better and more profitable decisions in the stock market.

Expanded Coverage

There are some awesome features available here now which are totally unique to Stockopedia in the UK market. Not only have we expanded our coverage with 2000+ Stock Reports to most PLUS market stocks but also listed 1500+ ETFs and Closed Funds. We are working on integrating a pan-European data set for more advanced stock pickers which we hope to roll out later this year.

Stock Reports

We've designed the Stock Reports to be the best automated fundamental analysis tool on the web - with features including a Traffic Light system for eyeballing Stock Rankings, financial health, bankruptcy risk and earnings manipulation meters, Magic Formula scores, automated valuation tools and much much more. Please check out the free Stock Report for BHP Billiton and read the Stock Report Guide for more details.

60+ Guru Screening Strategies

We are extremely excited about the new Stock Screener. If are looking for investment ideas based on the writings of Warren Buffett, Ben Graham, Jim Slater or the Naked Trader, we've got them covered. Not only that but we are tracking the performance of these screens to try to separate the wheat from the chaff. Every stock that qualifies for a screen is 'tagged' with that screen on their Stock Report, so you know instantly the kinds of investment styles that a Stock qualifies for and who might be buying it.

Lots of other new toys

While the Stock Reports and Screener are the key new features on the site, it doesn't stop there. We've inverted the screening process to allow you to check how any stock stacks up against a checklist of screening criteria, have created a (very beta!) new set of valuation models, have rolled out a simple but effective stock comparison page and the ability to browse sectors and industry fundamentals with ease.

Keep the ideas coming

While we realise these tools aren't for everybody, we hope that interested users will take a 14 day free trial to check out the…

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