I hope you are all well at these strange times. Clearly, Covid19 has had a huge health impact but has also had a pretty unpleasant financial one too. Meeting in person is not feasible however we have been experimenting with online meetings which have worked very well. So the plan is to host a Leeds meeting online. I have used Skype, Webex and Zoom. There is a bit of fuss regarding security on Zoom however it is the most intuitive. I will plan to use Zoom unless people would prefer another, please let me know.

Agenda - (rough).

12.00pm - Introductions around the room.
12.10pm - Explanation of the online platform.
12.20pm - What have I done with my portfolio in response to the Corona Crash? Round Robin.
1.30pm - Comfort Break.
2.00pm - Tim to present his Investor Perspective with invite to discuss.
4.00pm - Meeting close.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know.


1. Me.

2. Tim.

3. Bill.

4. Karen.

5. Ray.






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