So I've been using Stockopedia for a good couple of years and it's awesome... Really good for analysing shares... but the one thing that it's poor at (IMO) is allowing you to understand when to place the particular share on the market. So I use ADVFN's level 2 and trades list to understand the right timing for placing my trade.

Another feature that is sadly lacking on Stockopedia is the ability to highlight words in the stock news like you can do in ADVFN eg:


So I can immediately jump to parts of an annual report based on a traffic light (ish) word highlighting. Makes reading reports way quicker!!

So as you can imagine I was continually jumping between Stockopedia & ADVFN tapping in stock codes and it was driving me nuts! So I wrote a chrome extension to make my life easier. Firstly it adds links within the stock header on stockopedia to allow me to just with one click open a new window directly onto the stock within ADVFN directly to the relevant page (level 2, trades, news etc):


Also when I read the news on Stockopedia it also highlights my keywords in various different colours:


At the moment I'm just using the chrome extension myself but I mentioned it to a friend and he was interested in it and I wondered if anyone else was interested in it too? If so I'll tidy it up a bit and publish it as a proper extension on the chrome store for anyone to download it for free.

A couple of caveats if you are interested. I generally only trade in UK stocks so it only passes the ticker name to ADVFN rather than the exchange and ticker. So (eg) if you were looking at the US stock (CRM) on Stockopedia and clicked the link you'd get "Carrs Mill"... wouldn't invest in that one :) Also Stockopedia could change something on the site that could break it so you'll have to wait for me to fix it before it will work again but it's easy to disable and won't stop Stockopedia from working.

So let me know if anyone is interested!

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