Previously NB Global Income (NBGL) this investment trust has changed to provide monthly income. It was always rated as conservative and has a stockrank of 98. The recent change takes on a slightly broader range of Investment instruments which should increase the current 4% yield by 1-2%. For some reason this is caused STOCKOPEDIA to reclassify NBMI as speculative. I think that this is incorrect and will modify over time.

Importantly the new fund will allow the sale of 25% of holdings every six months at a 2% discount to net asset value (NAV) from June 2022. Currently this share trades at a 15% discount to NAV.

The RNS below and subsequent postings give full details of the investment strategy and changes to the fund.

If you are looking for a safe haven to offset some of your racier holdings this may be it.

DYOR. I am long in this investment trust.

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