Morgan Sindall (LON:MGNS) is due to be kicked out of the portfolio by rotation today. However, it still appears on the Greenblatt screen, and has a StockRank of 96. So it stays in.

A nice easy one.

I see that I had not traded on this portfolio since January. Lack of trading does not seem to have hampered its performance, though. It has acquitted itself well compared to the FT350. However, this could have been due to the rapid advance in the portfolio from November 2016 to May 2017.

The outperformance could therefore have been attributable to luck. The 3 and 5 year performances of the portfolio include this short but flattering period, so caution is needed when putting any particular meaning to these figures.

Having said that, the portfolio does appear to have performed consistently better than the market before that period; although the outperformance is only modest. The outperformance is likely to have been even more modest still if I had chosen the FT250 as a benchmark, rather than the FT350.

Stay safe out there.

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