Hi All,

I just wondered whether if it is possible to make your personal portfolio public on the site (I dont think it is), and if not would be interested to know whether the investing community here think this would be useful if made available on the site?

I am an avid reader of the SCVR and it's the main reason I subscribe to the site. Alot of my investing comes from research done off of the back of Paul and Jack's excellent daily stock reviews and commentary, but I also greatly value the views of the community in the commentary section of the reports. 

JollyBiologist made a great post over the Christmas period regarding his superb performance and I would put myself firmly in the same bracket as him, being someone who shamelessly takes ideas from people that I respect in the investing community and cherry picking what I think are the best ideas (following my own research of course). After reading JollyBiologist's post, I was thinking it would be great to view his portfolio in order to see what he is currently holding as he has clearly performed very well this year and has a sound approach to stock picking. It would be interesting for me to see how his portfolio stacks up against mine, whether we have similar holdings, how the portfolio is weighted etc etc. There are many posters here that I have come to value the opinions of and I just think it would be really useful to have a better idea of how there personal portfolio's are constructed. 

I know some people would not like to share their personal portfolios with the community (which I understand), but I would have thought many would be on the basis that there was a way of only making it viewable on a percentage basis rather than in currency format. 

Do many people run their portfolios and monitor via the stocko folio's function? Or am I in the minority? I know some people use different software to track their performance or dont update on a regular basis like I do, but for those that do would you be interested in viewing others holding's if made available? Anyway, just thought I would post to see if there is anyone else that would like to see this made possible.

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