We have been experimenting with various online formats and found that the meetings still work well. As the economy is quite complex at present, the opportunity to share thoughts is probably useful.

I have kept the day and time in line with our regular meetings.

Draft Agenda;

A run through the online functions, mute, video, share screen etc.


Portfolio adjustments due to the Corona Crash.

1.00 Lunch Break.

1.30pm Return.

Previous corrections, the cause and impact.

Portfolio considerations moving forward.

3.30pm End.

I will probably use ZOOM. To access this, I send you an email link which you click. It then sends you straight through. It is very intuitive and does not require any sense of dread. It can work via smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. A desktop would need a mic and although not absolutely necessary a camera. You can join the meeting with or without video, the choice is yours. We can also share screens to bring up presentations, charts etc.

1. Me.

2. Tom.

3. Malcolm.

4. Steve.

5. Mark.

6. Paul H.

7. Alan G.

8. Ken.

9. Derek.



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