With supply chain problems, energy price increases, inflation concerns finally forcing the uptrend in markets to take a breather, I thought it would be worth everyone sharing a few companies which people may be interested in buying if theres a further sell off.

Times like these can be used away from the hourly movements of individual shares, preparing for potential opportunities.

Ive written a few potential buys which interest me below. I only took half an hour to get the basic numbers so may not be accurate.

Looking for low/no debt, low to mid teens P/E and trading well (excluding short term supply chain problems). Ideally paying a dividend

Growth at a reasonable price is what I'm looking for.

Please contribute any companies on your watchlist you think others may be interested in taking a closer look at.

Luceco (LON:LUCE) – 310p

Market Cap £488m

Net Debt - £24m

Forward P/E -15.3

3yr av. ROCE- 17.3% . Latest 35

3yr av. Net Margin - 4.8% Latest 15.8

Latest comment - 'COVID has also brought severe supply chain disruption to our industry, driving significant cost inflation and making it harder for all participants to serve the customer. We have navigated these challenges comparatively well, adjusting inventory cover, production levels and prices proactively. We have managed to protect our overall margins and deliver strong profit growth in favourable market conditions. Cost pressures are expected to increase in the near-term as the global economy gathers steam at the end of the pandemic. Our gross margins will inevitably see some temporary compression during this phase, but I expect this to be compensated by good operating leverage from sales growth. '

Share price has been whacked, down almost 40%. Analyst consensus stable for now.

Ideally Id like to start buying under 15x P/E so <300p

Possibly starting to form a bottom at current price, tho could get hit on earnings downgrades even tho they've flagged margin squeeze in previous comments.

Likely to be a trading update in a couple of weeks.

Up Global Sourcing Holdings (LON:UPGS) – 176p

Market Cap - £160m

Forward P/E - 17

3 yr av. ROCE- 52% . Latest 34.4

3yr av. Net Margin -5.1 Latest 5.7

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