Why consumption could continue to boom

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l6Yjs1EO82eykI8TgN8u5647h1by-5KJixMUuy8NguSzSgl26H47Y12wUXNYCywN8z20iX3w1aO-6DMmhCqH7U5mCWphjxXZsovCIQfCC0KrxzeNIeLVZ5DX8oX-6EaYiFF3Q_cz=s0So Great Britain was once derided by Napoleon as “A nation of shopkeepers” - and then suffered karma with defeats at Waterloo and Trafalgar at the hands of the very same shopkeepers (with help from the Prussians).

Over 10,000 people were interviewed using computer-assisted methods for a study on leisure activities in 2016. Based on those results, here is the data on how British people spend their free time:

  1. Television: This should come as no surprise, but topping the list at 89.9% of the interviewees spend their time watching TV. This is a common leisure activity worldwide and it does not come as a surprise, though most would expect social media and mobile phones to be at the very top.
  2. Friends and Family: This comes as a nice surprise, compared to the first result. Coming in second, spending time with friends and family is second at 89.4%. This is astonishing as it is only 0.5% behind the first result. It is also a good sign that social interaction precedes many other things, even though it is still behind television.
  3. Listening to Music: “If music be the food of love, play on,” William Shakespeare once wrote. Listening to music comes in third, at 79.4%. Music is always a great hobby, as it can bridge the gap between many cultures while at the same time upping your mood.
  4. Shopping: At least music and friends and family come before our consumer desires, at least in the UK. Shopping is one of the favorite activities of UK citizens, coming in fourth, at 76.6%.
  5. Eating out at Restaurants: Eating at a restaurant usually implies social interaction, if not with a friend or loved one, then at least with the waiter. It comes in fifth, at 75.8%.
  6. Internet and Emails: Interestingly enough, using the internet and reading and sending emails comes in sixth on this list at 71.5%. With the rise of social media and instant messaging services, their usage is not as prominent in the UK.
  7. Reading: this is a great hobby that can be relaxing and rewarding in so many ways. Whether you learn…

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