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  • This week’s Podcast: The Shifting Sands of Consumption
  • China: Buy on the Dip?
  • Bitcoin: Bubble or Anti-Bubble?
  • Vaccine progress in the UK, US marches on
  • Cash savings have built up sharply
  • Loosening purse strings in US, UK
  • Who are the consumption winners?

New Podcast: The Shifting Sands of Consumption

In today’s podcast, Edmund and Charlotte address the topic of consumption.


The Shifting Sands of Consumption

  1. In the wake of the Coronavirus, how have patterns of consumption changed?
  2. What is pent-up demand?
  3. Is responsible consumption a growing trend?
  4. What are Millennials interested in

China: Buy on the Dip?

Interested in Chinese stocks? You could do worse than to read this article by my Singapore- and Hong Kong-based colleagues Prashant and Grace on why Chinese stocks are still attractive for the long-term.

  • This is a long overdue correction triggered by a spike in US yields, concerns over China tightening and increasing regulations on China techs.
  • Cyclical and structural factors are in place to drive the uptrend of domestic A-shares, Hong Kong-listed China equities, and select quality tech companies. Weaknesses are good buying opportunities.

China Equity Markets: Not Time to Lose Faith

Bitcoin: Bubble or Anti-Bubble?

For those of you who are interested in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you may be interested by a recent article I wrote on the subject...

Attractions: Bitcoin offers a number of attractions to investors, including impressive returns since creation, absence of any central controlling entity, & a potential store of value against severe inflation or currency depreciation.

Drawbacks: Extreme volatility, small overall market size, dominance of supply by a small number of bitcoin “whales”, pseudonymous nature makes proper Know Your Client and other financial regulation difficult to comply with, risk of permanent loss from loss of pass-words or from exchange hacks; heightened regulatory risk from central banks, financial regulators, potential state-sponsored competition from new national “stable-coin” digital currencies.

Regulatory warnings: US and UK financial regulators have recently issued clear warnings regarding retail investor investment in cryptocurrencies and related derivatives.

Focus instead on the “picks and shovels”: we believe that investors would do better to focus on industries and companies that can benefit from the emerging crypto-currency and block chain ecosystem – including semiconductors, cybersecurity and fintech/e-payments.

Bitcoin: Bubble or Anti-Bubble?

Vaccine progress to speed reopening in US, UK


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