The Master Investor show 2018 is on Saturday, in north London.

I have the free ticket, which is just as well, since the Jim Mellon talk is cut to 30 minutes and subject to an additional £25 fee on top of the entry fee. His 2016 talk was quite interesting, but the 2017 talk had very little overlap to my circle of competence (or truthfully, partial competence).

Simon Caulkwell is on at 10:00 am, so I shall be catching an early train to make this.

After that, the Gallery Suite talks appear to be the most interesting place to be. When it is not interesting, one of the local coffee shops can take my custom.

I'll wonder around the company stands, but as I have no expertise in mining or biotech, my chances of finding an interesting investment are slim.    

Is anyone else going along ?

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