We have a great Trusts and Funds show lined up for this Tuesday and so long as you register in then you will receive a recording to watch at your leisure as it is over four hours long.

Join us at 3pm on Tuesday 14th September for our Trusts and Funds event! The show will be packed with interviews, educational presentations and four company presentations!

The companies presenting are Sanford DeLand Free Spirit Fund, Downing Renewables & Infrastructure Trust plc, India Capital Growth Fund and NextEnergy Solar Fund.

The full programme is as follows:

3.00 pm Mello introduction and welcome
3.05 pm The AIC and the benefits of investing in Investment Trusts & Funds
3.30 pm Company presentation by India Capital Growth Fund
4.00 pm Reg Hoare presents an update on Investment Trusts & Funds
4.15 pm Company presentation by Sanford DeLand Free Spirit Fund
4.45 pm David Stredder interviews Alyx Wood, Fund Manager at Kernow AM
5.05 pm Introducing Edmund Shing, private investor in Investment Trusts & Funds
5.15 pm Company presentation by Next Energy Solar Fund
5.45 pm Company presentation by Downing Renewable & Infrastructure Trust (DORE)
6.15 pm Money Makers – Join Jonathan and Simon for the latest Investment Trust news
6.35 pm Investment Trusts & Funds panel session with Q&A

You can book your place at the show and see recordings of some previous shows here:

https://melloevents.com/trustsandfunds14thsept/ and if you would like a complimentary ticket to the event then please use the code MITF1409.

There are lots of interesting sessions and all annual pass holders and individual ticket holders will get sent the recordings 24 hours later once you have registered.

See you all on the show!


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