We are pleased to announce the launch of Mello Investment Trusts & Funds 2020, to be held on Tuesday 19th May, at the Clayton Conference Centre, Chiswick, W4, 9 am – 6pm. This follows our hugely successful May 2019 event where hundreds of serious investors attended presentations by around 40 quality investment managers.

At the event you can speak to Stephen Yiu of Blue Whale and Alex Denny of Fidelity, Ben Rogoff of Polar Capital, Judith MacKenzie of Downing, Augmentum Fintech, Odyssean, Palace Capital, Pantheon International and Charles Montanaro, to name a few.

There will be at least eight panel sessions covering current investment topics such as Fintech, sustainable investing and Millennial investing, which will assist delegates navigating the investment market in 2020 and beyond.

Do let us know if there are any panel topic you'd like to suggest or companies you'd like to meet at the event and we will do our best to schedule another magnificent, high quality investorfest in May.

Please visit our website Investment Trusts and Funds to view the previous schedules and appreciate the quality and quantity on offer to our discerning Mello delegates.

Please use the discount code Stock40 for 40% of the price of a Mello Investment Trusts & Funds ticket. If you are attending the smaller company event on the Wednesday /Thursday then you can add on a Mello Investment Trusts & Funds ticket for just £10 here.

Buy your Investment Trusts and Funds ticket here.

See you there! :)

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