MelloVirtual will be a very busy investor event with lots of quality companies, speakers and educational seminars not to mention a Mello BASH. Here is an example of an Exhibitor Stand that you will find at the event in the Exhibitor Hall. Downloadable documents, videos and links are found on the left of the stand, the company representatives are displayed in the middle and the times and location of company presentations are on the right. Mello delegates can talk to the company representatives through their zoom account (or equivalent such as webex or MS Teams) during the event as stipulated on the stand. We have a packed schedule which will be published very soon that includes the likes of Leon Boros, Paul Scott, Graham Neary, Micheal Taylor, Mark Simpson (DangerSimpson), John Baron (John Baron Portfolios), John Rosier (John's Investors Chronicle), Jonathan Davis (MoneyMakers), ShareSoc, Stephen Clapham (Behind the Balance Sheet) , Conkers and WheelieDealer (Twin Petes), The AIC and a plethora of quality companies to interact with. Get your ticket to Mello's virtual event half price using the code SCVR50 here . See you there!


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