Hello everyone!  I've just been playing around with the comparison tool. I have a folio with 20 shares in it.  I clicked "FLAG" then "COMPARE".  I expected that this would not work with more than about 3 or 4 shares to be compared. But it did work. I had to find the share at the top that said "WINNER", but this wasn't too difficult with a bit of scrolling around. 

So this opens up some interesting possibilities. For example, say there was an industry with 20 companies or less in it. You could create a folio of those 20 companies and then do the comparison as above to pick the winner.  You can see what factors have been used in the comparison, but I don't know what weight has been assigned to each. If you choose to do this, then my advice would then be to conduct further analysis on the winner, before investing any money in it.

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