Welcome to Momentum Monday.

Life is as good as it gets as a share trader. Finally its highs all around and the obvious disappointments… are… well…obvious. Which is needed, now that Bonds are a comparable investment, especially for income investors. So with optimism we look ahead to another week of trend following.

To be Frank, traditional services all seem irrelevant now. Finding stocks going up is like shooting fish in a barrel.

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This week’s content is as follows:

  • Broader market sentiment

  • Member corner

  • Stocks in the “Shine Zone” (including changes)

  • Buses pulling out of the station (volume + price movers)

  • 52 week high screen (including changes)

A reminder that you don’t have to read all this contribution. Simply scroll to the area of interest.

Broader Market Sentiment

We look at the direction of both the US and ASX markets to gain an understanding of the broader sentiment at the minute. It is important to stress here that I DO NOT use this to time my entry or exit out of stocks. I prefer to use the individual charts of stocks to do that. However I find it useful in helping us determine how aggressive/cautious traders should be in their trading. In short the more positive the broader market is the more risks you can take and vice versa.

US / S&P500

We keep making new highs. Despite the Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell saying the market was getting ahead of itself with regards to interest rate cuts. This is a “risk on” scenario. Positive Momentum is strong in the world’s largest market - and it is spreading here.


S&P500 Weekly chart

It was the biggest week from a reporting perspective from a quarterly perspective. All the big Tech report. Meta’s (Facebook’s) dividend was also a pleasant surprise (the buyback was better).

Notwithstanding Apple’s challenges in China which are sizable, this has been a good reporting season…

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