So we go into this new week with a US Bank Failure, a Crypto “Bank” failure, Inflation still rampant and the possibility of entering a recession we didn’t need to have.

All things considered, the market has held up fairly well for now, though this would prove cold comfort to some, especially for investors in more volatile ends of the market, like Coal or Lithium stocks where falling Chinese prices. If this really stresses us out, we all may need to revisit our investment strategy to see whether what you currently do is appropriate to your tolerance to risk.

Before we go into this week’s content remember, if you haven’t already, be sure to watch our Member webinar on the latest reporting season just past. To view a recording of the session click on this link.

We have started introducing further contributors within our “Discuss” section to add some variety to the education and research content you receive. Last week we welcomed Alan Hull who is a renowned technical trader and educator who has kindly agreed to deliver some educational content for those wanting to learn more about Technical Analysis. To see his first education contribution, be sure to read it here.

Further, we are steadily starting to grow our footprint in Australia and New Zealand. We are incredibly thankful for the support of our business and we look forward to curating our content and the program more to suit Australian and New Zealand investors in the months ahead.

It's also a timely reminder that if there is someone you know who would benefit from clear stock insights without the biases or dogma, then we would love to help. Our purpose is to help as many DIY investors with the insights and tools to confident investment decisions themselves. So if you feel someone may benefit from such a service, we would love for them to get in contact.

The agenda for today’s report as always:

  • Broader market sentiment

  • Stocks of Interest

  • 52 week high screen

Broader market sentiment

JUST A REMINDER: I do not use the market charts to make decisions as to when to buy or sell. I will always use a stock’s individual chart to do that. However, I do look at the market charts to get…

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