Welcome to Momentum Monday.

The terrible events overseas remind us all of the fortune we have, living in this region of the world, irrespective of how the counts fell in NZ and Australia over the weekend. Our thoughts go out to everyone that has been impacted by recent events overseas.

Last Friday we held our “Lunch ‘n Learn’ session. You can watch a replay here.

And as a reminder… Last week we also announced the collaboration with “Shares for Beginners” , one of Australia’s leading investment podcasts, for our “Weekend Watchlist” podcast.

Follow ‘Shares for Beginners’ on your favourite podcast streaming service. Alternatively, we have actually created a generic blog topic for members to stay across our recordings that you can access. The relevant company will appear as they are published.. Visit the post here and be sure to bookmark the page for easy access in the future. This week, Chris discusses LAU Lindsay Australia.

The content for this week.

  • Broader market sentiment

  • Member corner

  • Stocks in the “Shine Zone” (including changes)

  • Buses pulling out of the station (volume + price movers)

  • 52 week high screen (including changes)

We are always open to suggestions on how to make this contribution better, so if you have any, please feel free to write them in the comments below. All comments to date have been noted so thank you.

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Broader Market Sentiment

As we are adding more to the Member Corner this section will be made shorter to compensate. There will be less macro talk as that is available at other sources. We will limit discussions to chart moves only. Feedback is welcomed.

We look at the direction of both the US and ASX markets to gain an understanding of the broader sentiment at the minute. It is important to stress here that I DO NOT use this to time my entry or exit out of stocks. I prefer to use the individual charts of stocks to do that. However I find it useful in helping us determine how aggressive/cautious traders should be in their trading. In short the more positive the broader market is the more risks you can take and vice versa.

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