Welcome to Momentum Monday.

It's amazing how much the media coverage and expert commentary has changed over the past month.

Turning from Black to White seems an understatement. And yet, we haven’t moved much. At least that keeps the mind active, but a publication like this keeps the sanity in check. Just one of the services we are proud to provide you with at Stockopedia.

Not market related, though congratulations to the Australian Cricket team. As I am sleep deprived this morning - I at least had to get that out!

Interesting links

  • Weekend Watchlist with Shares for Beginners Listen here This week it is JLG - Johns Lyng Group

  • Excellent webinar hosted by Ed Croft on identifying potential 10 baggers. YOU MUST WATCH THIS! View here There will be more work that comes out of this. This is the first of a series to be produced exclusively for subscribers. Obviously UK examples are referred to but the principles are enduring!

  • You can watch a recording of our Dividend Webinar with the ASA (assuming you are an ASA member). Access it via the ASA website via the webinar library

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This week’s content is as follows:

  • Broader market sentiment

  • Member corner

  • Stocks in the “Shine Zone” (including changes)

  • Buses pulling out of the station (volume + price movers)

  • 52 week high screen (including changes)

A reminder that you don’t have to read all this contribution. Simply scroll to the area of interest.

Broader Market Sentiment

We look at the direction of both the US and ASX markets to gain an understanding of the broader sentiment at the minute. It is important to stress here that I DO NOT use this to time my entry or exit out of stocks. I prefer to use the individual charts of stocks to do that. However I find it useful in helping us determine how aggressive/cautious traders should be in their trading. In short the more positive the broader market is the more risks you can take and vice versa.

US / S&P500

The third…

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