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First, a big hello to those new members who have joined us following the recent Black Friday promotion. Congratulations for taking control of your investing outcomes with a tool like Stockopedia. It’s an investing experience like no other. While we are not as aggressive in discounting as many other participants, to be frank, if you are making decisions on your investing tools based on discount alone, then there is an obvious issue there.

But fortunately - that is not the case with you.

Welcome to Momentum Monday where we discuss all things Momentum for the week ahead. Please be sure to read the descriptors before each section as an understanding of our methods helps in your interpretation of the commentary and data tables.

Don’t worry if you don’t quite grasp it after one sitting, what is important is that you grasp it eventually. So take your time, markets are open every week, and you will have plenty of time to enact what you learn from this section.

Interesting links

  • Weekend Watchlist with Shares for Beginners Listen here This week it is SVW - Seven Group

  • Episode 1 of the Multibagger Masterclass is now available for members only View here The page also includes and exclusive report, where we dissect the traits of stocks that have delivered compounding return


As mentioned last week, UK examples are referred to predominantly, but the principles are enduring!

This week’s content is as follows:

  • Broader market sentiment

  • Member corner

  • Stocks in the “Shine Zone” (including changes)

  • Buses pulling out of the station (volume + price movers)

  • 52 week high screen (including changes)

A reminder that you don’t have to read all this contribution. Simply scroll to the area of interest.

Broader Market Sentiment

We look at the direction of both the US and ASX markets to gain an understanding of the broader sentiment at the minute. It is important to stress here that I DO NOT use this to time my…

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