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I know it’s been a while since we have had you share with others the value of Stockopedia. Feb 1 makes a big day as the price of the service rises $100 pa, for $475 to $575. This includes Chris and my time and on a portfolio of $200k, that is a fee of 0.24% per annum with all the trimmings attached. Come Feb 1 that increases to the equivalent of 0.29% - which still makes us the best value in the world AND its risk free!

So if you haven’t yet you have a few days to sign someone up because if they take the free trial, the lower price will be locked in. And if you're wondering you should stay on because of the extra cost - to be frank I will not humour such prosperous thoughts.

It was a shortened week domestically so we could complete our Australian commentary sooner. At the moment things and policies are changing quickly…. But who cares right? We are near record levels!

Interesting links

  • Weekend Watchlist with Shares for Beginners this week covered a stock discussed with members a few months ago in light of the Nanosonics risks'. It is CUV Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals. Listen here to the replay

  • Our last webinar before the price for non-members was held on Wednesday covering the NAPS portfolio you received a month ago. There was quite a big audience, however if you feel someone needs to watch it so as they can convince themselves why saving on a small steak dinner for one is worth it for the future prosperity of their families Listen here

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This week’s content is as follows:

  • Broader market sentiment

  • Member corner

  • Stocks in the “Shine Zone” (including changes)

  • Buses pulling out of the station (volume + price movers)

  • 52 week high screen (including changes)

A reminder that you don’t have to read all this contribution. Simply scroll to the area of interest.

Broader Market Sentiment

We look at the direction of both the US and ASX markets to gain an understanding of the…

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