I am in a dilemma. My approach is to buy & hold quality growth companies. I have done a thorough analysis of a company & the pros & cons of investing in it at the current share price.
I have concluded that the shares are currently very good value. But the current share price technical analysis (ie graphs) is poor.
I am torn between buying now or waiting till the SPTA is better.
If I buy now I would do so at a good price. But the SPTA says it may go down further in the short term.
If I wait till the SPTA is better, then I would probably have to pay a higher price. But there would be less likelihood of a short term price drop.
I could put in a limit order to buy at below the current price. But the price may not be achievable, and the deal may never be executed.
So what would you do & why do you think it is the best approach?

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