It is time to summarize my second SNAPS portfolio. As with the last portfolio it is not a complete portfolio with 20 stocks, this time my portfolio had 9 stocks (up from 7 last time). My first SNAPS portfolio is described in another post.

The stocks were chosen from the same markets as last time (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany) and the screen looked like this:

  • Stockrank rating higher than 90 (80 for Telecoms and Utilities due to few hits…)
  • Stockrank style excludes Falling star, Momentum trap, Value trap, Sucker stock
  • Piotroski F-score 6 or higher
  • Size group excludes Micro cap
  • Spread 500 or less
  • Mkt cap greater than 20 £m

From the list of companies, I tried to choose companies that looked to be in a positive trend.

I bought the stocks during the first week of January. Mid-February the Stockrank rating of three of the stocks had fallen significantly and I decided to sell them and replace them with new stocks. I based this decision on the fact that since the stocks were bought mainly based on Stockrank ratings it made sense to sell if the Stockrank ratings fell significantly. I’d be interested to hear other opinions on this choice.

I was supposed to sell the stocks first week of July, but it was a very busy time for me and then I went away on vacation. In addition the portfolio this round have been a lot more volatile than the previous one and the first week of July the numbers did not look good. I decided to wait until after I came back from vacation and ended up selling the stocks last week of July and luckily the numbers were significantly better then.

The portfolio is shown below. I tried for equal weighting (spending about the same amount on each stock). KNOW was transferred from the previous portfolio, but I sold of a few of the shares to get the correct weighting. I have indicated both the percentage change in stock price (the actual price I bought and sold at), the change in value (stock price change including dividends) and my relative gain/loss which includes transaction costs, exchange rates, dividends etc. 



Stock price

Price incl div

My gain/loss


Basic materials







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