I thought it would be interesting to share my top 5 shares by portfolio weighting, not conviction, from biggest holding to smallest:

They're the biggest for a variety of reasons. 3i because I tried to trim the number of shares in my portfolio, so I invested a larger amount. Bought Oct 2022 1139p. Now 1772p. I got lucky in the timing of this. This is a point to bear in mind. Sometimes the shares just went up a lot, which puts them in amongst the highest holdings.

BA. systems I bought in Nov 2012 at 575p. It was a Stockopedia high rank that made me select them. Then Ukraine happened, and the price is now 990p. I had a look at BA.'s performance over 20 years. It returned about 10.7% annually, compared to the ASX (FT All-Share of 4.0%). If you throw in a dividend of around 3%, you would have been getting around a 14-15% return over 20 years. Amazing for such a high-profile business that is on everybody's radar, if you'll forgive the pun. The shares have come off the boil lately, presumably for some profit-taking. In April prelims they said that they has a record order intake. I think that countries will be reviewing their defence spending in light of the Ukraine conflict, so I think the shares have further to go. Stockopedia has its PE on 16.2, which I regard as by no means as overrated. I'm tempted to think that this is a good buy-and-hold share.

DPLM is a good quality share that I bought back in Dec 2015 at 717p. Perhaps its quality isn't as good as when purchased, but I continue to hold. Price today is 2698, so obviously this has been a good winner for me.

CWK I bought in Sep 2022 and Dec 2022. Shares are up 6%, so I've nothing to add here.

BMY I bought in Jan 2022 based on Stockopedia stock ranks. I've no particular conviction in it. Its ROCE is not high, so I'm not ultra keen on it. It's been increasing its divvies by 10% annually over the last 5 years, which is nice. The stock rank is declining, so I had half been thinking of selling it. There seems to be some buzz…

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