Some views on current situation. I obvs have no real idea what's going to happen financially, economically or politically so view all comments as 100% inshite. Its really thinking out loud.

I successfully negotiated 2000 and 2008 seeing both events coming. 2020 I thought we would have a meaningful correction driven by global slowdown and US over valuation/expectation so I was not super bullish. In fact I felt it was a bit bubbly in the small cap quality-growth-momentum area in UK and US generally so was not playing around there...feeling I'd weather a correction better elsewhere and see some rotation out of the hot areas here and in US. How wrong was I. I've been slammed by 30%...

I was fairly fully invested despite having some fairly bearish views about the market and the general position of the global economy for many years. To simplify I was (and remain) a sort of bullish-bearish whereby I think our serious economic imbalances and over reliance on debt can only be solved by

However it is achieved, governments will seek to put the economy into as close to an induced coma as it can get. The power to do this is much greater than we probably assume.

The key problem with COVID19 is logistics and capacity in terms of critical care beds, ventilation, sanitation,

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