I admit I'm a beginner investor but am learning fast. However, a lot of companies seem to have negative gross/net gearing. Can anyone explain what this is and what it means?

I understand an ideal gearing of not more than 50% is good, more than 100% somewhat risky.

I understand negative gearing in relation to property.

But I don't know what it means when a company negatively gears. Stockopedia has a guide but it is very general. I am seeking a number to look for (for eg. pe/ratio should be under 15 or PEG ideally under 1).

Is negative gearing good? What does it mean in practise? Has a company lent out money rather than borrowed?

But then there are stocks like this one:
https://www.stockopedia.com/share-prices/cns-pharmaceuticals-inc-NAQ:CNSP which is in distress and has negative gearing of thousands of percent. I can't make sense of it.

Also - which is more important to look at gross or net gearing?

Many thanks in advance!

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