Hello all. Firstly, I should say that I am finding the Stockopedia resources massively helpful already. I'm almost entirely new to stock investing, and am still playing around in preparation for assembling a 'proper' portfolio. One stock I had my eye on before joining the site was IEnergizer (IBPO), and I was interested to see that it had a very good StockRating when I joined the site and compared my previous watchlist to the ratings on Stockopedia.

Didn't hit 'buy' as I was distracted by other shiny prospects, and when I checked back the next day, it had fallen by 18.5%. Curious, I tried to work out why - couldn't find any adverse news or any other particular reason for it to have plummeted. The only thing I can think of is that it's a small cap, the spread is big, and when someone sells into the market at decent volume for whatever reason, it drastically affects the share price.

I was just wondering if an older and wiser head could let me know if I'm correct on this, or if there is something underlying that I've completely misunderstood? It may be a case of 'this just happens sometimes in the market' - but I'd like to use it as a learning opportunity if possible!

Cheers :)

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