Hi All,

I've been following along in the background stalking the forums / blogs for a little while and I am wondering if you would kindly offer some advice.

Maybe a little background first: my intestment backgound is very much high risk CFD's I have over 10 years (on and off) of trading forex favoring technical analysis over fundamental. However, age is starting to catch up with me and life is different to how it was when I was younger. Surfice to say, I want a little less risk and something a little slower.

I decided to make my mark with stocks - so here I am!

However, it seems stocks trade a little differently to CFD's in as much as fundamentals play a bigger part in the price movement in comparison to Forex, I am guessing this is because i am looking at time as the variable here, for my CFD's I'd be holding for about a day, with stocks, maybe years. I might be wrong in this assumption, i've only been looking a week!

Anyhoo.. to my question; I have picked some stocks below that I think are good picks. I do intend to add to them as I go, but these to start with. For the most part, i've tried to pick stuff that isnt too conservative that I can still see some short term (3 years) growth, but reducing the risk as best I can. The exception here is clearly AML (Aston Martin) which is clearly on its knees, but at the price per share, I don't mind taking that risk.

Do you see any issues with the choices below? How would you go about confirming the decision?

I've tried to look at things I think are under valued based on previous price, but I dont know any of these filters, or EPFRG stuff tat stockopedia uses. I get green is good and red is bad, but I am really looking for something I can understand. What i want to avoid is mixing bits of information from one strategy with another and basically making a mess of it!

Any guidence would be greatly appreciated!




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