As I don't think Novacyt Sa (LON:NCYT) has been covered in depth anywhere on Stockopedia and as it is such a topical stock, I thought it would be useful to post a section from today's @SmallCapsLive chat about it here.

Note that I was unfortunately without co-host Mark and a couple of regular contributors today and so it was a bit of a monologue!

[11:00] Morning all!
Hi, I'm Leo, I have over 15 years investing experience and specialise in deep research into a mixture of growth and GARP small-caps, generally avoiding mining and oil. I'm on twitter and have a blog [redacted].
I'm on my own today because Mark is off skiing on Mont Blanc (no Wayne, not the pen!). He posted a picture on Wednesday's Small Caps Live if you're interested...
So I'd appreciate it if you could all chip in as far as possible!
[11:03]I've prepared some good stuff (well, I think it's great!) on £NYCT, but I don't really want it to be a monologue.

Donald Pond
I think we’re all shell shocked!


Yes, this is a once in a 10-20 year event stock markets wise.

[11:05] Yes, we know it happens periodically, so it should be considered as normal

in some ways it is a seismic shock not unlike 9/11. though unfolding at a different rate.

Now, Novacyt Sa (LON:NCYT) is an example of a share I clearly should have looked at before, but have not!
[11:06] But today's update provides the ideal opportunity to do so.
But first, some background.
Having not looked at them before I started with the last Annual Report.
Unfortunately it is for year end December 2018, but it is still relevant.
It says:

The Group has considerable experience in the development, manufacture and commercialisation of molecular and protein diagnostic reagent products and aims to
become a leader in developing new products for the infectious disease and oncology
testing markets.

[11:08] Oncology is the study and treatment of tumours but clearly it is the infectious disease that most interests us here.
So coronavirus (an RNA virus) is not just a bandwagon they have jumped on, or at least not without prior experience. This is what they do.
[edited: Originally I wrote "RNS Virus", presumably…

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