I have over the past eight months been actively monitoring Novacyt Sa (LON:NCYT) Novacyt SA and at the same time putting to paper my research work

A few members of this forum might be interested in this research (updated as at 16th January 2021)

Please find the link to my latest updated Financial Analysis for Novacyt SA,

The analysis is carried out in Excel, and then printed to a PDF.
The PDF is then downloaded to a FileBin directory, which you can then upload & view, I also down load some the previous versions in case there is any interest from anybody (Files are stored / downloadable for 7 days

Latest File download - Dated 16th January 2021, now consists of 69 pages.


The research is also now available on Dropbox (with additional documents)


The analysis work is fairly detailed!

Would appreciate any feedback (positive or negative)!

Please note I have a financial interest in this stock holding and that I am a "amateur investor"

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