It's been a busy month, for me, with quite a few buys and sells. In the main these purchases have been driven by companies on my watch-list showing technical/fundamental strength with my aim being to buy into this before holding for the medium term. With sales this largely comes down to thirty or so shares being the most that I can comfortably cover. As a result I've chopped a few positions that for one reason or another aren't quite right for my portfolio as it stands. Fortunately this has all taken place against a positive market backdrop which tends to make any activity look good.

Suffice to say some punchy gains by FDM and KWS have reversed losses from October while GAW remains ever popular with investors. As a result the table-top gaming company has grown to around a sixth of my whole portfolio. From a risk management perspective I should perhaps be reducing my exposure. I'm not going to though because I believe in running my winners and I see Games Workshop as capable of generating much higher sales, and licensing income, in the years to come. On the downside the biggest faller was H&T after the FCA decided to review its high-rate loans business despite this being but a small part of the group offering. It's a bit annoying but HAT will come through this process just fine I'm sure.

Anyway the scores on the doors were:

FDM 34%, GAW 28%, KWS 27%, SCT 20%, SDI 13%, K3C 12%, HYNS 12%, AFX 11%, QTX 10%, BOOT 10%, CRW 6%, KETL 6%, GAMA 5%, IGR 5%, PPH 2%, MBH 1%, BOWL 1%

PCA -2%, SBIZ -3%, NRR -3%, SPSY -4%, RWA -4%, III -5%, RFX -6%, ADT -6%, BUR -6%, HAT -14%

All of these positive numbers led to an excellent rise of 6.2%, pushing the YTD nicely up to 16.8%, which I'm very happy about. My cash level is just below 8%, which is a little higher than last month, although in general I like to be around 10% uninvested in order to ensure that I have some opportunistic funds available. Set against a pre-election backdrop I'm a little surprised at how positive the market has been in November but could it be that people are gearing up for Christmas? If so I'd like them to continue.


Greggs Bought at 1891p - November 19

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