Good evening all, I have decided to get into the world of stocks and shares, I've done some research and decided to take the plunge.

All seemed well, I found a platform and found the share I wanted to buy but got this message:

Please note that liquidity for X is currently low and is not available for trading due to inflated spreads.

I haven't come along this in my research so far, I know it doesn't sound great on the face of it, but it's a company I know well that is going through significant change so I'd like to start off here with a small investment. Do you have any advice please on what this means, whether it means shares won't be available on any platform (or is it limited to the one I tried) and do I just check regularly to see when it's available again?

Also, the platform I've signed up to is Etoro - it gets good reviews for beginners and has an app. I won't be a hardcore investor - less than £10k in total.

Thank you for reading!

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