In the webinar launching our multi-baggers research, we announced that we would be creating a selection of subscriber-only masterclasses designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of multi-bagger traits and uncover the stock market stars of the future. 

UPDATE: All 3 masterclasses are now available. You'll find a link to the dedicated page at the bottom of this post.

Across these masterclasses, you'll learn:

  • What powers long-term compounders
  • How to understand the key financial drivers of multi-baggers
  • The power of multi-bagger traits
  • How to ensure compounding can be sustained
  • Identifying “Moat Factors” and signs of weakness
  • The importance of strong capital allocators in the management of a business
  • Which screening rules you can use to help you identify potential multibaggers
  • How to read traits of compounders on the StockReports
  • Plus: A list of useful resources for intelligent investors


Ask your questions for the Q&A webinar.

After the last masterclass is published, we'll be running a live Q&A webinar dedicated exclusively to answering your multi-bagger questions. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below so we can collate them for the Q&A. 

If you have any other feedback on the first masterclass, we'd also love for you to share that in the comments of this post. 

Accessing the masterclasses

We have set up a dedicated page to host the masterclasses. Click here to access it.

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